What is the "Forest Plan"?

The Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) guides all natural resource management activities on a National Forest for a 10-15 year period. The Forest Plan establishes multiple-use goals and objectives for the forest, and sets out forest-wide standards and guidelines for management activities to assure coordination of multiple-uses (outdoor recreation, range, timber, watershed, wildlife and fish, and wilderness) and sustained yield of products and services.

The Forest Plan defines management areas and management prescriptions that act as the "zoning ordinance" under which future decisions are made. Site-specific projects and activities are proposed, analyzed and carried out within the framework of the Forest Plan.

Forest Plans are never "completed," or "final"; the National Forest Management Act of 1976 (NFMA) requires Plans to be maintained, amended and revised. All supporting documentation for the Forest Plan can be reviewed under the Forest Plan Analysis Section.

The current Forest Plan for Mark Twain National Forest is available below.

Broken down by Sections

Cover and Table of Contents (1.1mb, pdf format)
Preface (908 b, pdf format)
Chapter 1 - Forestwide Goals and Objectives (256 kb, pdf format)
Chapter 2 - Forestwide Standards and Guidelines (544 kb, pdf format)
Chapter 3 - Management Prescriptions (1.2 mb, pdf format)
Chapter 4 - Monitoring and Evaluation (1.3 mb, pdf format)
Appendix A - Terrestrial Natural Communities (6.4 mb, pdf format)
Appendix B - Soils (1.6 mb, pdf format)
Appendix C - Minerals Management (1.7 mb, pdf format)
Appendix D - Harvest Methods (894 kb, pdf format)
Appendix E - Goods, Services, and Probable Management Practices (211 kb, pdf format)
Appendix F - Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (950 kb, pdf format)
Appendix G - Visual Management System (1 mb, pdf format)
Appendix H - Forest Plan Unit Map (8.7 mb, pdf format)
Forest Plan Index (343 kb, pdf format)
Rear Cover (115 kb, pdf format)

Changes to 2005 dated Document
List of Administration Changes And Amendments which is included in the above section

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Other Analyses

Other Analyses: These analyses are not project specific documents

Forest Plan Analysis

The 2005 process of revising the Forest Plan has been completed. Thank you for your participation and interest in the Mark Twain National Forest.