Passes & Permits

Not sure if you need a pass or permit? Read below or click on one of the links for more information on the types of passes and permits available on the Mark Twain. 

What Pass/Permit Do You Need?  

  • Recreation Passes

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    Find out more about available annual and ohv trail passes and permits - how much they are, who can purchase them and where to buy them.

  • Forest Product Permits

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    Find out more about obtaining a fuelwood/firewood permit.

  • Event and Commercial Permits

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    Special Use Program overview and application forms for water transmission, road and utility right-of-ways, research, etc.

Do You Need a Pass or Permit?

When DON'T You Need A Permit?

  • When you are gathering limited amounts for personal use of bark, berries, boughs, bryophytes, bulbs, burls, Christmas trees, cones, ferns, forbs, fungi including mushrooms, grasses, mosses, nuts, pine straw, roots, sedges, seeds, transplants, tree sap, and wildflowers.
  • When you are camping in a dispersed area.
  • When you are at a site that doesn't require a Recreation Enhancement Act Fee.
  • When you are building a campfire on National Forest System lands you can collect a reasonable quantity of wood for the campfire without a permit.


When DO You Need A Permit?

  • For some recreation activities:
    • At most developed sites such as trailheads, picnic areas and river access sites
    • Reserving a campsite
    • When riding an ATV, OHV or Motorcycle on National Forest System motorized trails
  • For collecting fuelwood.
  • Special Use Permits are required for commercial and non-commercial use of NFS lands, including:
    • Easements for electrical and utility lines,
    • roads to access private property bound by National Forest lands,
    • oil and gas pipelines, wells or holding tanks, etc.
    • Minerals