Forest Products Permits

Firewood Permits


Personal Use Cost

Firewood permits are $20/permit for 4 ccf

Commercial Use Cost

Firewood permits start at $50/permit and go up depending on estimated volume to be cut. 

These permits are for those who sell firewood to other users.


Where and When Can I Cut?

Where Can I Cut?

Usually firewood areas are located within closed timber sale units or other areas with down timber.  Occasionally some areas of standing trees are marked for firewood removal.  Please contact your local district office for more information on permit requirements and where firewood is currently available.

When Can I Cut?

Generally permits will be valid for six months or less and will end on March 30, June 30, September 30, or December 31.


Where Can I Buy a Permit?

Firewood permits can be purchased from your local ranger district office.

Permits for firewood cutting on the Potosi-Fredericktown Ranger District are available for purchase on Mondays and Thursdays, from September 1st to March 1st at the Potosi Ranger Station.


Special Forest Products

These products include, but are not limited to, bark, berries, boughs, bryophytes, bulbs, burls, Christmas trees, cones, ferns, forbs, fungi including mushrooms, grasses, mosses, nuts, pine straw, roots, sedges, seeds, transplants, tree sap, and wildflowers.

It is the policy of Mark Twain National Forest not to sell or issue Free Use under the Forest Products Permit system, the right of collection of more than minor amounts of Special Forest Products. Incidental Free Use without a permit is allowed under FSH 2409.18 Chapter 80*.

Notwithstanding, Special Forest Products listed or proposed for listing as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act are not included. Please check with your local district biologist if you have questions on specific species.

Gathering small amounts of minor products is a privilege on national forest lands, and persons doing so are expected to exercise reasonable care in protecting the resource from damage. Minor/small amounts, for the purpose of this policy, include “reasonable amounts for an individual’s personal use.” Commercial use collections are prohibited.

Additionally, campers on national forest lands are allowed to gather firewood, but only from dead and down trees or parts of trees.

Special Forest products DO NOT include minerals, animals, insects, worms, rocks, water, and soil.

* Forest Service Handbook 2409.18, Chapter 80, Sec 87.51, Item 1.