All current Forest Service job vacancies are posted on USAJOBS. The web-based applications of USAJOBS provide an opportunity for job candidates to create a profile, search for jobs, sign-up for vacancy announcements, apply for jobs, and check the status of jobs for which they have applied. 

Places to check:

Current Opportunities:

Outreach Notice, GS-1001-04/05, Visitor Information Assistant:

The Pacific Ranger District of the Olympic National Forest may soon be seeking to fill a GS-1001-4/5 Visitor Information Assistant position. The target grade for this position is at the GS-05 level. The purpose of this outreach notice is to (1) gauge interest in the position, (2) to alert interested individuals of this potential upcoming employment opportunity, and (3) to help identify which job series and grade will be used to advertise the position. Respond by November 28, 2020. View Outreach Notice (.pdf). Any questions regarding the position can be directed towards Dean Millett, District Ranger @ (360) 374-1222 or dean.millett@usda.gov.

Temporary Jobs: Now Hiring for the 2021 Season:

Forest Service workers stand on site in a semi circle and a few look at some plans and discuss.Olympic National Forest is looking for a 2021 seasonal workforce to work in different types include specialized positions in fire, natural resources, engineering, recreation, and visitor information services. Vacancy announcements for these positions will be posted on: www.usajobs.gov.  This application submittal period for all 2021 temporary jobs will begin on October 30th, 2020 and end on November 9th, 2020.  All applicants who apply to the announcements on or before the listed cutoff date, and are found to be qualified, will be referred for consideration to the selecting officials. 

2021 Seasonal Positions

Series-Job Title, Duty Station

  • GS-0404-04-Biological Science Technician (Invasive Plants), Olympia
  • GS-0404-05-Biological Science Technician (Invasive Plants), Olympia
  • GS-0404-05-Biological Science Technician (Natural Resources), Quilcene
  • GS-0462-03-Forestry Aid (Fire Suppression), Hoodsport; Quilcene
  • GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Fire Suppression), Hoodsport; Quilcene; Quinault
  • GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Recreation), Forks; Hoodsport; Quilcene; Quinault
  • GS-0462-05-Forestry Technician (Recreation), Forks; Hoodsport; Quilcene; Quinault
  • GS-0802-04-Engineering Technician (Civil), Olympia
  • GS-0802-05-Engineering Technician (Civil), Olympia
  • GS-1001-04-Vistor Information Assistant, Forks; Quilcene; Quinault
  • GS-1001-05-Vistor Information Assistant, Quilcene; Quinault
  • GS-1316-03-Hydrologic Technician, Forks
  • GS-1316-04-Hydrologic Technician, Forks
  • GS-1316-05-Hydrology Technician, Forks


Please carefully read the entire announcement and all instructions thoroughly before you begin. You must complete this application process and submit all required documents electronically by 11:59p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on the closing date of this announcement.

How Do I Apply?

Review tips on how to apply with the Forest Service

Apply for Permanent Employment:

  • All permanent jobs are advertised through the usajobs website. You can search the current job vacancy announcements by agency, location, salary range, or by "series" (a system that identifies the type of work). Some positions are only open to current Federal Employees; only the jobs open to everyone will be shown in the search results.

Apply for Temporary (Seasonal) Employment:

  • Every Year, the Forest Service hires thousands of temporary (mostly summer) employees for a variety of jobs, most of them in the field. Many positions are advertised on the usajobs site in the late winter or spring. You can view current and upcoming Forest Service job opportunities - across the nation - online at: https://fsoutreach.gdcii.com/Outreach.

*The application submittal period for all 2021 temporary jobs will begin on October 30th, 2020 and end on November 9th, 2020. 

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