Current opportunities 

Tacoma Urban LeagueAll current Forest Service job vacancies are posted on USAJOBS. The web-based applications of USAJOBS provide an opportunity for job candidates to create a profile, search for jobs, sign-up for vacancy announcements, apply for jobs, and check the status of jobs for which they have applied. 

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Current opportunities:

The window for 2019 Temporary Job applications is now closed:

Check back next year for temporary summer job announcements. You can always create your USAJOBS profile to prepare anytime. Search current job listings at USAJOBS across the nation. Check out more tips on how to apply (.pdf)

How Do I Apply?

Apply for Permanent Employment:

  • All permanent jobs are advertised through the usajobs website. You can search the current job vacancy announcements by agency, location, salary range, or by "series" (a system that identifies the type of work). Some positions are only open to current Federal Employees; only the jobs open to everyone will be shown in the search results.

Apply for Temporary (Seasonal) Employment:

  • Every Year, the Forest Service hires thousands of temporary (mostly summer) employees for a variety of jobs, most of them in the field. Many positions are advertised on the usajobs site in the late winter or spring. You can view current and upcoming Forest Service job opportunities - across the nation - online at: https://fsoutreach.gdcii.com/Outreach.

What do I need to know about Fire and Aviation Employment?

Opportunities for Students and Recent Graduates?

What about Contracting?

What types of Volunteer opportunities are offered at Olympic National Forest?

The trail crew widens the tread on the Tubal Cain Trail in the Buckhorn Wilderness

Tacoma Urban League Trail Crew.

Contractors working on the O'Brien Creek Bridge American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Project.

O'Brien Creek Bridge American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Project.