Alerts & Notices

Regional Orders

R1-2020-02 Weed Free Forage & Mulch Products Order for R1

Order R1-2020-02 (pdf)

It is illegal to possess, store or transport straw, hay, grain, seed or other forage or mulch products on Forest Service lands without documentation that the product is certified as “weed free” by a state certification process that meets or exceeds the North American Weed Free Forage standards. The order remains in effect until August 31, 2022. Read the full order for all prohibitions. More information about weed free certification standards can be found at the North American Invasive Species Management Association.

R1-2022-01 Northern Region Occupancy and Use Restrictions

Order R1-2022-01 (pdf)

This order prohibits a variety of acts from using vehicles recklessly or illegally on National Forest System Lands, plowing or hauling on Forest roads without a permit, being in violation of state or local alcohol laws, using federally prohibited drugs or controlled substances, using fireworks or pyrotechnic devices, using explosives and exploding targets, and using combustion engines without a spark arrestor.

R1-2015-01 Northern Region Camping Stay Limits

Order R1-2015-01 (pdf)

Regional Closure Order prohibiting camping or otherwise occupying a single location on all National Forest System lands within Montana for a period longer than 16 days AND in North Dakota and South Dakota for a period longer than 14 consecutive days.