Forest & Grassland Health

Map of region 1 and region 4


Northern Region 1 and

Intermountain Region 4



  • To facilitate stewardship, protection, and management of forested ecosystems by promoting forest health to federal, state, and private resource partners and customers in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, western Wyoming, and North and South Dakota.
  • To help people understand the effects various agents have on their forests, the alternatives they have to influence those effects, and ways that treatments can be integrated to meet multiple objectives. 

Region 1 and Region 4 FHP Strategic Plan 2015-2019


  • Forest Health Monitoring and Assessment
  • Forest Insect and Disease Services
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Forest Health Education
  • Pesticide Use and Coordination
Black insect on leaves


2014 Farm Bill: Insect & Disease Infestation

Trees alongside road killed by mountain pine beetle

The Northern (Region 1) and Intermountain (Region 4) Regions of the Forest Service are moving quickly and diligently to implement the Insect & Disease authorities from the 2014 Farm Bill. The nation's forests are experiencing larger and more frequent insect and disease outbreaks, as well as increased length and severity of fire seasons as a result of climate change. By focusing on stemming insect and disease outbreaks and creating forests that are more resilient to future changes in climate, we can better protect the many benefits our nation's forests provide, such as drinking water and recreation opportunities for citizens, wildlife habitat for hundreds of species, forest products, carbon sequestration and many others.

Forest Root Diseases Across the United States

Graphic of the US states with 11 color photos that showcase the most damaging forest fungi

Root diseases have long term impacts on the forested ecosystems. They kill trees, decay wood, slow tree growth, predispose trees to other mortality agents.  This report highlights biology and ecology, management options and future direction of the major root diseases found across the United States.


Insect and Disease Field Guides

Field Guide for Aspen Damages

NEW Field Guide to Insect and Diseases of Quaking Aspen

Protecting Whitebark Pine from Mountain Pine Beetle using SPLAT

Poster with photos showing SPLAT application on whitebark pine trees.

Recently Forest Service Research and FHP staff tested using SPLAT Verbenone treatment to protect whitebark pine from Mountain Pine Beetle.  Click to view/print the poster.


State Forest Health Highlights

Each state provides a yearly snapshot of the forest health issues and concerns.