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Fifty-one thousand square miles of some of the most magnificent lands in America. That is today’s USDA Forest Service. Managing these lands in the most effective way for water, air, wildlife, and people is a great responsibility.

Providing stewardship in ways that best serve the American people today and in future generations is a splendid challenge. There's never been a more exciting and opportunity-filled time for you to join the Nation's premier forest management agency. As such, we need employees who can take the Northern Region of the Forest Service into the future with innovation, problem solving skills, communication skills to work across boundaries and diverse interests, and leadership to bring it all together.

We offer a variety of employment opportunities (both paid and unpaid) ranging from student programs to volunteer programs, and full time and temporary employment for people with skills in several hundred areas. Come work with us.



There’s so much you can do in a Forest Service career! Our extraordinary diversity of occupations and locations makes it easy to find a position to suit your talents. There are many opportunities and duties within the Forest Service.

Click here for more information, how to apply for permanent jobs, why you should consider a career with the Forest Service, and much more: Tips - How to get a job with the Forest Service (pdf)


TEMPORARY OR SEASONAL EMPLOYMENTTrail Crew Member Posing with Crosscut Saw

The USDA Forest Service hires thousands of temporary (mostly summer) employees for a variety of jobs, most of them in the field. Temporary employees have a very special place within the Forest Service. Most Forest Service career employees started out in temporary positions, including as trail crew, fire lookouts, seasonal biologists, and many more. Seeking a temporary or seasonal job with the Forest Service is a great way to gain experience with the agency.

For the 2019 summer/field season, we will be advertising these jobs starting September 10th through October 10th, 2018. Apply by going to during this timeframe.

For information on temporary jobs in the Northern Region contact Amber Kamps at (406)439-9138 or



[Photograph]: A Forest Service employee is helping a vacationer.OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS & RECENT GRADS

Our Pathways Programs provide paid employment opportunities with the Federal government for high school students, undergraduates, postgraduates, and recent graduates.

The Pathways Internship Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore Federal careers while they’re still in school. Qualified students may be hired on a temporary basis for up to one year (NTE Intern) or for an indefinite period (Indefinite Intern).

The Pathways Recent Graduate Program is available to individuals who have completed their qualifying degree or certificate programs within the previous two years. Qualified veterans may have an extended application period due to military service.

The Pathways Presidential Management Fellows Program is for individuals who have completed an advanced degree within the past two years.

For more information on the Pathways Programs, you can read the FAQs (link is external), check out the Forest Service Pathways Programs brochure, or search for current Pathways jobs with the Forest Service on (link is external).


FIRE HIRELewis and Clark Interagency Hotshot Crew Near the Fireline

Fire Hire is a Forest Service process that we use to hire the majority of our permanent workforce in fire management positions at the GS-5 through GS-9 grade level.  We now complete this process once a year.

For 2019 positions, open vacancy dates are August 1 through October 15, 2018. The Northern Region is looking for a committed, hard working, highly skilled workforce to suppress wildfires and work in fuels management on 11 National Forests located in Idaho, Montana, and parts of the Dakotas. The fire and aviation management program is very rewarding and requires talented people working safely as part of a team in a variety of specialized positions; including dispatch, engine crews, fuels management, hand crews, helitack, interagency hotshot crews, and prevention.

Click here for information on Fire Hire in the Northern Region.



All vacancy announcements for the Northern Region (also known as Region One) are available through