About the Region

[Photo]: Road running through a forest.The Southwestern Region is 20.6 million acres. There are six national forests in Arizona, five national forests and a national grassland in New Mexico, and one national grassland each in Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. These National Forest System lands are marked by sudden bursts of alpine peaks, colorful mesas, and breathtaking canyons. This sun-baked region also features wild whitewater rivers and clear mountain streams. Renowned for its culture, this area's unique heritage is clearly visible in its wealth of prehistoric and historic sites and in the lives of many of its people who still celebrate the ways of centuries past.


History & Culture

History of the Forest Service in the Southwest, creation of Forest Reserves and National Forests, Smokey Bear, historical photos, and more.

About the Forests

Map of the Region, quick facts and links to forests web sites.