Forest & Grassland Health

Photograph of Douglas-fir tussock moth caterpillarThe Forest Health staff of the Southwestern Region provides assistance and expertise to Federal, State, and Tribal land managers in Arizona and New Mexico concerning forest health conditions and issues. We provide advice and support for projects to help prevent or suppress insect and disease outbreaks. Annually, we conduct survey flights to monitor forest health conditions and provide land managers with information on current issuess, with an emphasis on detecting insect activity. Information on current activity and our program is provided through the links below.


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Hazard Tree Reduction Program

Information for land managers regarding assistance our staff can provide on hazard tree identification and management.


Weed Field Guides

Cover Image of Weed Field Guides
  • New series of 33 field guides
  • 40+ species covered
  • Includes management guidelines

Insect & Disease Survey

Aerial view of ponderosa pine forest
  • Survey information
  • Maps
  • Data


Bark Beetles

Close up image of pinyon ips bark beetle
  • Bark beetle biology
  • History

Current Highlights

Pandora moth larvae
  • Insect activity
  • Disease activity
  • Projects

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Key Contacts

  • Allen White
    R3 Pesticide / Invasive Species Specialist
    (505) 842-3280
    Forest Health Staff
  • John Anhold
    AZ Zone Leader
    (928) 556-2073
  • Tom Coleman
    NM Zone Leader
    (505) 842-3286