Forest & Grassland Health

Line Drawing of Bark Beetle by Tom Coleman

The Forest Health staff of the Southwestern Region provides assistance and expertise to Federal, State, and Tribal land managers in Arizona and New Mexico concerning forest health conditions and issues. We provide advice and support for projects to help prevent or suppress insect and disease outbreaks. Annually, we conduct survey flights to monitor forest health conditions and provide land managers with information on current issues, with an emphasis on detecting insect activity. Information on current activity and our program is provided through the links below.


Current Highlights

Review current highlights, reports, storymaps, and a list of notable insect or disease activity. Some highlights include:

  • 2022 Conditions Report

    Our 2022 Conditions Report is now available, with forest insect and disease highlights from across the Southwestern Region.

  • 2022 Story Map

    Our 2022 Story Map is a collection of images and information about major tree damage observed across the forests of Arizona and New Mexico in 2022.

  • Aspen Management

    See new information on aspen health and management concerns in the following Western Aspen Alliance brief on invasive oystershell scale. For more information on oystershell scale see the recent State Forest Health Alert or our recent publication.

  • Publications

    Browse a list of forest insect and disease condition reports, entomology and pathology publications and posters.

Drought Conditions

With the ongoing current drought conditions we are seeing more effects upon our forests in the Southwest. Review press releases for updates (Prescott, AZ):


Field Guides

  • Field Guide to Insects and Diseases

    two Monarch butterflies on green leaves on a yellow flowering plant

    Learn about flora and fauna in the Southwest. A description for each insect and disease includes hosts, damage, symptoms, biology, and effects or impacts.

  • Weed Field Guides

    New series of 33 field guides. 40+ species covered. Includes management guidelines.


Bark Beetles

Close up image of pinyon ips bark beetle

Learn about Bark Beetle biology, history and review frequently asked questions. 

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Insect & Disease Survey

Aerial view of Douglas-fir trees infected by Douglas-fir beetle

Review survey information, maps and data. 

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Key Contacts

  • Joel McMillin
    Forest Health AZ Zone Leader
  • Andy Graves
    Forest Health NM Zone Leader
  • Janet Nickerman
    R3 Pesticide / Invasive Species Specialist

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