Parents & Teachers

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Adults play a key role in connecting young people to the outdoors. Below are resources and tools for you to build skills, find activities, and develop lesson plans to foster a deeper relationship with the outside world.


Curricula and Activities

Citizen Science

  • iNaturalist - Practice your observational skills by recording different plants and animals in habitats around your home and across the world. See what others nearby have shared. Connect with experts to help identify your observations.
  • BudBurst - Monitor seasonal changes in plants with a national network of citizen scientists.

Professional Development

These organizations provide trainings, certifications and other professional development opportunities in the fields of place-based and conservation education.

Every Kid Outdoors

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Every Kid Outdoors is a nationwide program that encourages 4th graders to get outside and visit their federal public lands and waters by offering a free pass their entire 4th grade year.

Get fee-free entry!

Every Kid Outdoors Pass

This pass allows free admission at sites that charge entrance or standard amenity fees at over 2000 federal lands and waters for a full year beginning September 1 and ending August 31. It does not cover expanded fees so please inquire at the location you will be visiting for more information on pass acceptance. Call your local forest service office for exact details on how the pass applies to your adventure.

By participating in the Every Kid Outdoors Program, you can connect with nature and learn about your heritage while exploring millions of acres of federal lands and waters for free. Bring your family and friends to check out prehistoric dinosaur tracks, explore ancient sites, hike around a volcano or sit quietly and see what animals you observe in their natural habitat.

Each pass holder is eligible for a free Christmas tree permit as supplies allow.

For September 2020-August 2021 the Every Kid Outdoors program has been expanded to include 5th grade students.