What is a Forest Plan?

Forest and grassland plans are Forest Service land management plans that “guide sustainable, integrated resource management of the resources within the plan area in the context of the broader landscape, giving due consideration to the relative values of the various resources in particular areas” (36 CFR 219.1(b)).

Why do we have Forest Plans

Forest plans are required by the National Forest Management Act of 1976 (“NFMA”). Forest plans provide the forest with framework and direction to achieve integrated, long term desired conditions. It also provides a way for the public, other agencies, other governments and Tribes to understand what and why we make the decisions we do.

Forest Plans

In addition to following Forest Service directives, every national forest and grassland has a plan in place. There are 17 total for our 13 administrative units. All 17 plans have had amendments, which are considered part of the current plan.

Other direction, guidance, and influence on how our National Forests and Grasslands implement Forest and Grassland Plans to manage resources to meet the Forest Service mission can be found on the Washington Office Ecosystem Management Coordination web site.