State, Private & Community Forests

The Eastern Region State and Private Forestry staff collaborate with States, Federal agencies, tribes, private landowners, and other partners to protect, conserve and manage forests and community trees across the 20 Northeastern and Midwestern States and the District of Columbia. We provide leadership, technical support, sound science, and financial assistance to help ensure that our forests and trees continue to provide clean water, forest products, wildlife habitat, recreation and other benefits for present and future generations.

Forest Health Protection

Forest with trees and forest health protection on itCollaborating to improve the health of eastern forests through technical assistance, monitoring and funding.

Forest Legacy Program

bulldozer in forest working on clearning out dead treesProtecting private forest lands through acquisition and conservation easements.

Forest Stewardship Program

people working in a field and developingAssisting private land owners in planning and sustainable forest management.

Grants and Agreements 

wooden background grants and agreementsProviding grant funding and creating partnerships with states and others to help diversify local economies.

Resources and Publications

resources and publications graphicsProviding resources for identifying pests, maintaining healthy forests and restoring landscapes.

Urban and Community Forestry

Volunteers at Mather LodgeCreating, enhancing and sustaining trees and forests in the urban environment.