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Beetle Busters - Freeze and Collect Game

Beetle Busters Game

Interactive online game using your magnifying glass to identify Asian longhorned beetles and earn points by "freezing" them.


Let's Move!

Lets Move Campaign Logo

Let's Move! is an initiative dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams.

The Natural Inquirer

Natural Inquirer is a middle school science education journal! This scientific journal was created so that the U.S. Forest Service scientists can share their research with middle school students.


Junior Ranger Program

Junior Ranger Program Patch

The Junior Forest Ranger program is for kids ages 7 to 13. Earn your badge by completing activities in the adventure guide.

FS Nature Live!

FS Nature Live Logo - Trees

FSNatureLIVE is a distance learning adventure! The USDA Forest Service, Prince William Network and partners bring nature learning to you through our series of online education resources.