Fire Management

We have a wide variety of ways we work with fire on the landscape, from our long-standing history of wildfire suppression to the more recent inclusion of prescribed fire for ecological restoration purposes.

Some information and basic rules before you start exploring:

  • To report a fire, please call 911!
  • Fireworks of any kind are prohibited on National Forest lands under Federal law. Please help us take care of your public lands!
  • Dependent on the season and fire danger, area closures may be in effect on portions of the RRSNF in order to ensure public safety and facilitate fire fighting efforts. Please contact your local ranger district offices for more information. Know before you go!
  • If you are recreating on state, BLM-administered or private lands, please consult the Oregon Department of Forestry for their current regulations.
    • (541) 664-3328 (Medford)
    • (541) 474-3152 (Grants Pass)

Useful Links


Learn More: Industrial Fire Precaution Levels

During wildfire season, you might hear someone mention Industrial Fire Precaution Levels, or IFPL. What does that mean?


  • Rogue Valley Interagency Communications Center

    A firefighter stares into the distance, waiting for the latest information on the incident he is staffing.

    Operating as an all risk dispatch facility, RVICC is the primary focus for reporting, tracking, and processing orders of aircraft, equipment, overhead, crews, and supplies assigned to incidents.

  • Prescribed Fire

    Two women conduct a prescribed burn, with drip torches in hand and low, creeping flames in the background.

    Learn more about the current fire danger, Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL), what fire suppression resources are available, the current weather, and links to regional and national fire information. During Fire Season, this information will be updated daily.

  • Rogue River Interagency Hotshot Crew

    The Rogue River Interagency Hotshot Crew hikes along a ridgeline in a single line.

    The Rogue River Interagency Hotshot Crew's mission is to provide land management agencies with a safe, highly-skilled and productive wildland fire management resource.

  • Siskiyou Rappel Crew

    Wildfire rappelers descend from a helicopter.

    The Siskiyou Rappel Crew is a 21-person U.S. Forest Service initial attack crew based out of Grants Pass, Oregon.

  • Aviation

    Air tankers take off from an airport, and taxi on runways.

    The Medford Airtanker Base is a key element of a collaborative wildfire protection strategy developed in partnership with local, state and federal agencies. The Base further enhances local firefighting capability for a five county area that includes Jackson, Josephine, Coos, Curry and Douglas Counties.

  • Fire and Ecological Restoration Partners

    Fire personnel burn piles of slash in a forest covered in snow.

    Learn more about who we work with on the ground, both during wildfires and prescribed fires!

  • National Wildfire Information

    A firefighter manages flames on a wildfire, at night. She is backlit.

    This page includes links to help you gain the insight you might need into larger incidents, including those not on the RRSNF.

  • Fire Learning Center

    The Forest Service Shield on a shirt sleeve is in the foreground, with cloudy skies behind.

    Wanting to learn more about Fire Prevention and Education tools? This page is full of resources to help you, whether it's information on Firewise Communities, or Smokey Bear, or beyond!