Fire Management

To report a wildland fire, dial 911 or contact the Cody Interagency Dispatch Center at 800-295-9954

  • Fire Restrictions

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    See the latest information on fire restrictions for the Shoshone National Forest as well as other nearby public lands through the Cody Interagency Dispatch Center.

  • Current Wildfire Information

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    Find out about any on-going wildland fire response on the Shoshone National Forest or across the United States.

  • Be Firewise

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    To protect homes and improve the health of the forest, our staff uses several methods to mitigate the risks associated with destructive wildland fire. You can help them by being Firewise on your own property.


Fire and Fuels Management

Fire management combines elements of fire prevention, fire suppression, and fire use.

Wildland fire is inevitable in North American ecosystems. Most wildland fire must be suppressed to meet resource and social objectives. Effectively managing forest fuels and dealing with wildfires requires coordination between the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, other agencies, and communities.

The Shoshone National Forest fire management program includes two zones (representing the five ranger districts) with program oversight and leadership provided from the Supervisor's Office in Cody. Strong interagency relationships are a critical part of the overall fire management program. 

To protect private property and improve the health of the forest and wildlife habitat, we use several methods to reduce forest vegetation (fuels), where the forest may be subject to intense, destructive wildfire. These methods include mechanical fuels treatments (cutting and thinning) and prescribed fire projects.