Passes & Permits

Shoshone National Forest is open, free of charge, for your use and enjoyment. Fees may be charged and permits required for certain activities and uses. The fees are used to help maintain and improve the amenities you enjoy.

Business permit holders, such as campground concessionaires and outfitters/guides, may provide services to public land users. Permits are required for certain individual and commerical activities that occur on National Forest lands.  Recreation passes may be purchased at all Shoshone National Forest District offices.

  • Recreation Passes

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    If you are ready to recreate on your federal public lands, these passes may be used for day-use fees at developed recreation areas where entrance and activity fees are charged.

  • Forest Products Permits

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    Permits are required for multiple activities to include cutting firewood and harvesting your annual Christmas tree!

  • Special Event and Commercial Permits

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    Event and commercial permits are required for conducting personal events or revenue-producing activities, such as filming as well as outfitting and guiding, on the Shoshone National Forest.