Event/Commercial Permits

Photo of People Riding Horses on Mountain


Event/commercial permits are required for conducting personal events or revenue-producing activities, such as filming, on the Shoshone National Forest.

Recreation events

Types of activities that require a recreation event special use permit include, but are not limited to, weddings, competitive races, contests, fund raisers, eco-challenges, dog trials, club activities, and adventure games. If you or your organization is considering holding such an event on the Shoshone, you must contact the ranger district office for the district on which the event will occur to determine whether a permit is available.

  • For summer events, proposals are due by March 15.
  • For winter events, proposals are due by September 15.

Commercial filming and photography

Use of the Shoshone National Forest for commercial filming and still photography requires a special use authorization. For specific information related to filming and photography permits, please contact the ranger district office.

Outfitting and guiding

Many types of outfitted services are provided on National Forest System lands. On some national forests, there are limited opportunities for additional outfitting businesses because land capability and social capacity will not sustain increased use. The number and type of available outfitting opportunities vary among national forests, so you should contact the local ranger district office for information on the availability of permits for the area and activity you are interested in.

Open periods for the submission of completed temporary outfitting and guide proposals are as follows:

  • January 1 -March 15, for summer activities occuring May 1 - October 30
  • July 1 - September 15, for winter activites offucring November 1 - April 30.

Please visit our Special Uses page for more information on obtaining a permit to provide outfitter and guide services on the Shoshone.


Needs Assessment and Capacity Study

What is a needs assessment? Forest Service policy on outfitting and guiding requires that a needs assessment be conducted to determine the public or agency need for authorized outfitting and guiding activities. The Shoshone National Forest is currently completing a needs assessment that will consist of three parts.