Acquisition Management

Looking for procurement or contracting opportunities with the Siuslaw or Willamette National Forests?

Visit the Pacific Northwest Region Acquisition Management website to find out about contracting, procurements, property management, leasing, and federal grants and agreements.

The site includes up to date information on:

  • Current Acquisitions
  • Advanced Acquistion Plan
  • Area Contacts & Offices

Look for Western Oregon Acquisitions, a joint effort between Willamette National Forest and Siuslaw National Forest.

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About Western Oregon Acquistions

The Western Oregon Acquisition Services area consists of the Siuslaw and Willamette National Forests and the Pacific Northwest Research Station Forest Sciences Laboratory.

The Siuslaw National Forest includes Angell Civilian Conservation Center, Hebo Ranger District, Central Coast Ranger District/Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, and the Supervisor's Office (including the Forestry Sciences Laboratory.

The Willamette National Forest includes the Detroit Ranger District, McKenzie River Ranger District, Middle Fork Ranger District, Sweet Home Ranger District, and the Supervisor's Office. This covers the geographical area from the towns of Hebo and Detroit to the north and Reedsport and Oakridge to the south, from the Oregon coast to the top of the Cascade Mountains.

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