Alerts & Notices


  • Temporary road closure of Indian Creek Rd (FS 32) July to September
  • Oregon Dunes Beach Access Limited March 15 - Sept 15 to Protect Snowy Plovers


Current Conditions

This current conditions page includes information on where to find road, trail, campground, and recreation site conditions, links to fire information, weather, tides and other advisories for the Siuslaw National Forest. 

Public Notices

Forest Order 06-12-10-18-01 Snowy Plover Dry Sand Closure Areas

This order designates Snowy plover dry sand closure areas. The following is prohibited in these areas:

(1) Going into or being upon the Snowy Plover Dry Sand Closure Area.

(2) Landing of aircraft, or dropping or picking up any material, supplies, or person by means of an aircraft, including a helicopter, within the Snowy Plover Dry Sand Closure Area.

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations – US Forest Service

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