AmeriCorps Yakutat Summer 2016 Sunset at Cannon Beach
AmeriCorps crew celebrate a season of success on Canon Beach on the
Yakutat Ranger District. Photo credit: Monica Niebrzydowski

Working Together

Caring for the land and serving local communities in a landscape as vast and diverse as the Tongass National Forest requires the dedication and efforts of not only Forest Service employees, but the many partners who contribute greatly to the successful management of our shared forest resources. Our partners are a key to our success. They work with us to maintain recreation trails and cabins, restore watersheds, monitor wildlife populations, improve wildlife and fisheries habitat, engage in wilderness stewardship projects, inventory and monitor forest resources, conduct conservation education programs, and reach common goals on our forest in many other ways.

Our partners include Alaska Native Tribes, native corporations, local governments, non-profit organizations, youth groups, universities, the State of Alaska, and many other private and public entities, as well as private citizens. Their assistance is provided through a number of avenues including partnership agreements, collaboration, and volunteer efforts.

Partnering with the Forest Service

The Forest Service strives to find the right balance in managing the 16.8 million acre Tongass National Forest, so that people may continue to find both inspiration and a way of life in this vast, unparalleled place. Partnerships are crucial to this endeavor, allowing us to boost commitment and capacity to reach our common goals. While the resources shared and outcomes accomplished through partnerships may vary from project to project, the primary ingredients of success are consistent—mutual interest and mutual benefit.

You can learn more about partnering with the Forest Service through a variety of resources.

  • Partnership Resource Center
    The national Partnership Resource Center is a website operated by the U.S. Forest Service and the National Forest Foundation. The site is the main resource for information about partnering with the U.S. Forest Service.
  • Alaska Region Partnership Clearinghouse
    The Partnership Clearinghouse from the Alaska Region of the Forest Service provides timely news and information about grants, training opportunities, and stories of collaboration. Sign up today to share in the stewardship of Alaska's national forests.
  • Forest Service’s Congressionally Chartered nonprofit partners
    The Forest Service’s Congressionally chartered nonprofit partners include the National Forest Foundation (NFF), National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), and the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEFF). These organizations are an important part of the Forest Service's network of strong, enduring partnerships.