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Maps and Data

We are making several methods available to view data in a map form, and you can choose the one that works the best for you. Some basic maps can be found in the GeoBook (sent out to those who requested it on CD-ROM, included with the printed version of the Forest Plan, or go here to download). For those unable to use the GeoBook, versions of the same maps in Portable Document Format (PDF) were included on the CD-ROM and can also be accessed from the document download page.

All data is in the NH State Plane (feet) - NAD83 coordinate system.

Additional, updated, or corrected map data may be made available from from time to time. This data is in the form of "shape files" or layers which can be opened with the GeoBook, or another program that uses the Geographic Information System (GIS) such as ESRI's ArcView, ArcMap, or the free map reading program ArcExplorer.

ArcGIS Explorer has tools that let you zoom in/out, print the map, and query data. It also has map tips to identify features, and a help menu. To download ArcGIS Explorer from the ESRI site, go to:

Map Data Updates

Base Layers (data added 06/04/2010)

FPR FEIS WMF Files (data updated 05/01/2013)

Lands Files (data added 05/06/2009)

Management Areas (data added 05/06/2009)

Metadata (this folder is currently empty)

Recreation (data added 5/06/2009)

Roadless (data added 05/06/2009)

Roads and Trails (data added 05/06/2009)

Water Resources (data added 05/06/2008)

Wildlife (data updated 05/01/2013)