Outdoor Safety & Ethics

The US Forest Service is committed to a culture of safety and ethical use of the land, for our employees and volunteers and for our visitors. However, a National Forest is a wild place and we urge you to be properly trained and equipped for whichever of the many opportunities, activities, and challenges you choose to participate in while you are visiting the White Mountain National Forest.


Summer Safety on the White Mountain National Forest

A low falls area on the forest full of people swimming and lounging on the rocks.

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy your National Forest.  Whether you are thinking about hiking, camping, or taking a scenic drive forest officials encourage you to plan ahead. We want visitors to enjoy their visit to the National Forest, and planning ahead will help ensure everyone gets home safely.

Winter Safety

A frigid mountain vista above the treeline.

Winter is a wonderful time in the White Mountains! The woods are quiet with a stark beauty unlike any other time of year. But it takes care and knowledge to safely explore the mountains in winter. With proper planning you can enjoy a safe winter trip to the White Mountains.

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Mud Season

Deep water creates a muddy mess of a trail.

The calendar says spring has arrived in the White Mountains. However, New Englanders know there is one more hurdle to get over before hiking gets in full swing – mud season.