Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie


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In 2016, The National Forest Foundation and USDA Forest Service installed a web cam for visitors to check-in on the bison herd throughout the day. Midewin Public Services tracks to see when the bison are visible in the web cam & will post on Facebook & Twitter.




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Come visit Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie! Fifty miles from Chicago, the 18,500 acre Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie is a place where volunteers, partners and staff are restoring one of the last remnants of the native tallgrass prairie ecosystem. Read more about Midewin's history, mission, and shared vision here.



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News Release: Graham Foundation

Madlener House Plant Display

Plant Display at Madlener House, Chicago, through January 11; Special presentation on November 16

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Plan Your Trip: Winter Pedal Power  Plan Your Trip: Find Your Spot - Hunting  Plan Your Trip: Horseback Riding





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Recent News


Honoring Prairie Farmsteads

Spotlight: Honoring Historic Farmsteads

In 1838, local resident Henry J. Abel was heard to say that prairie farmsteads were “preferable by far to the timberlands.” What made Abel say that?


Feature: Prairie Restoration - Boomer

Podcasts featuring staff from Midewin. 


Video B-Roll for Media

Spotlight: Bison Crawl

All video is housed on the Forest Service Vimeo account and linked to from this site. Please check back as links to more b-roll footage will be added over the next few months.