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Conservation Education

We help educators teach students to appreciate the natural landscape by providing training and tools for the classroom, whether class is indoors or outdoors. While our work targets the 20 Northeast and Midwest States and Washington, DC, there are items of interest for teachers and students across the nation.

Children's Book Teaches About Tree Cutting

Why Would Anyone Cut a Tree Down? In taking care of forests, towns, or backyards, it is sometimes necessary and even helpful to cut trees down. This book introduces everyone to the different reasons foresters or arborists might cut trees down.  more>>  Dowload a copy.

  • Just for Kids: Fun links to Smokey Bear, Woodsy Owl, and more
  • Just for Students: Activities, books, and articles for students to find out more about the environment and forests
  • Just for Teachers and Parents: Activity sites, books, and resources to help build an environmental curriculum for any grade



Susan Cox, Conservation Education Coordinator, or (603) 868-7706



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