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Urban and Community Forestry


Healthy trees and forests in urban areas contribute to improved air and water quality, watershed function, energy conservation, and social well-being. The Urban and Community Forestry Program provides support to States, cities, and nonprofit groups, so they can plant, protect, maintain, and utilize wood from community trees. 


Forest Service Grants Impact Viewer

This interactive map of the Northeast and Midwest United States documents the distribution of U.S. Forest Service urban forestry grants over time. Zoom in to see more detailed grant data, including each grant's recipients, purpose, amount, and contact person. This map illustrates both the impacts of small State grants stemming from Federal investment and grant impacts at the landscape level. Communities in "Developing Status" (orange) have at least one component of professional staff, ordinances/policies, advocacy groups, or management plans that resulted from State technical assistance. Communities in "Managing Status" (green) have all four components and are considered to be sustaining their urban natural resources.

State Urban and Community Forestry Programs

Learn more about your State's Urban and Community Forestry program and its recent accomplishments using the links below. The partnerships created through State and local projects are contributing to an engaged public committed to building healthy and vibrant communities for themselves and future generations.  


Northeastern Area Program Manager: Phillip Rodbell


Urban and Community Forestry Program 2016/2017 State Accomplishment Reports

Minnesota Iowa Missouri Wisconsin Illinois Indiana Michigan

Ohio West Virginia

Maryland District of Columbia Maryland Delaware Rhode Island Massachusetts

New Hampshire Maine Michigan Pennsylvania New Jersey Connecticut Vermont New York



 New England                         





  District of Columbia






  New Jersey

  New Hampshire



  New York



  Rhode Island


  West Virginia


  Contact: Jill Johnson

  Contact: Julie Mawhorter

  Contact: John Parry

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