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Opportunities Eligibility Status
Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) State forestry agencies directly, and others receiving State agency sponsorship, such as nonprofit organizations, universities, and tribes. FY2021 Ranked List
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) State agencies, tribes, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and local governments may apply.
FY2020 Funded List
GLRI Cooperative Weed Management Areas (GLRI CWMA) See the proposal page for eligibility. Closed.
Wood Innovations Program Request for Proposals See proposal FAQ's, as eligibility varies by opportunity and State. Closed.
Cohesive Fire Strategy For WRR: State forestry agencies, forest fire compacts, groups of States, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and tribes. For WR: Forest fire compacts, groups of States or tribes, wildfire training academies, fire science exchanges. For Cross-Boundary Mitigation: Similar to above, with exception forest fire compacts are not eligible. Now accepting applications

Grants & Agreements Administration & Management

Our ability to provide grant funding and make partnership agreements with States and others helps diversify local economies; protects forests, homes, and lives from wildfires; and keeps working forests healthy and productive. Managing grants and agreements can be complex, so we pulled together important information and resources for grantees and partners.

Current Fiscal Year Expanded State and Private Forestry Allocation for Eastern Region State and Private Forestry

This competitive allocation bolsters State forestry agency work on their forest resource strategies, while advancing regional and national priorities of the U.S. Forest Service. The table above shows recent and current competitive grant opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

In response to recurring questions that have been asked regarding grant awards and grant management, the Northeastern Area will address questions that have a broad interest or application and post the responses here.

    Training Documents

    How To Complete an Application Package for Grants & Cooperative Agreements - 4/14/2016
    Training Documents

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