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Climate Change Atlas

  • Tree AtlasVersion 4

    Modeled potential suitable habitat for 125 tree species in the East, with an additional 23 species with current information only

  • Bird AtlasVersion 2

    Black-throated Blue Warbler (Dendroica caerulescens) Photographer: K.T. Karlson

    Potential changes in abundance and range for 147 bird species in the East

Regional Summary Tree Tables

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Tree Atlas

Bird Atlas

Tutorial Videos

An Introduction to the Climate Change Atlas: How Does it Work?

Adaptability Ratings: Understanding Biological and Disturbance Factors

Regional Summaries: How to Choose a Regional Output

Regional Summaries: Combined Species Tables


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Featured Publication

cover of NRS Research Map 9

Research Map-9: Assessing potential climate change pressures across the conterminous United States: mapping plant hardiness zones, heat zones, growing degree days, and cumulative drought severity throughout this century