Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Forest Service has established a national database for ease in accessing each Forest's Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions. Follow the link to access the main database and from there select the Payette National Forest. Links to both a PDF file and an HTML version are available.

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Payette National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Developing Proposal

  • Evergreen Pond

    Install a pipe in an existing pond that will be used to fill a water tank and build a let down fence to around the pond to exclude livestock.

  • Goose Creek Water System

    Bury a 250 foot section of waterline to support a special use permit.

  • North Fork Divide Recreation

    Trail repair, hazard reduction, dispersed use management, and historic site interpretation & protection.

  • Pollock Mountain Lookout Foundation Replacement

    Replace the existing foundation on the lookout in order to preserve the building.

  • Pollock Mountain Trail Reroute

    Reroute approximately 650 feet of Pollock Mountain Trail #179.

  • Price Valley Work Center Operations Building Construction and Site Upgrades

    Construct a new operations building, remove three existing buildings, construct RV pads, and pave the entrance road.

Under Analysis

  • Brush Mountain Ecosystem Maintenance Burn

    Project is proposed to enhance wildlife habitat and forest stand structure and resiliency in portions of the Lower Little Salmon River, Middle Little Salmon River, Upper Little Salmon River, and Beaver Creek-Weiser River watersheds.

  • Cold July Forest Restoration Project

    Improve the health of forest stands to increase insect & disease resiliency; reduce tree densities & fuel loadings to result in less intense fire behavior & facilitate effective wildland fire response; enhance NIDGS & white-headed woodpecker habitat.

  • Council Mountain and Indian Mountain C & H Allotments Range Improvements

    The proposed action for this project is the maintenance or re-construction of eleven existing spring developments and seven existing ponds within the Council Mountain and Indian Mountain Cattle & Horse Allotments on the Council Ranger District.

  • East Fork South Fork Restoration and Access Management Plan

    This project will define the minimum necessary road system and provide motorized vehicle use and dispersed recreation opportunities; and update the Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map accordingly.

  • Five Corners Restroom Accessible Ramp and Runoff Management

    Construct an accessible concrete ramp to a restroom and add drainage features to control intermittent water infiltration around concrete structures of the facility.

  • Hearold Private Road Access

    The Hearolds have requested access to their private property via FS Roads #51744/#502228020 (Option 1) or #50222 (Option 2). Option 1, which they prefer, would require access through private property which they have already been granted easement.

  • Lucky Ben Road Access

    Permit construction of a previously authorized 550-ft road and continued use and maintenance of an existing route up Arlise Gulch and authorize reasonable access to a private property.

  • Mann Creek Corridor Small Campground Restroom Replacement

    Replace restroom facilities at Kiwanis and Justrite-Paradise campgrounds.

  • Middle Fork Weiser River Range Improvements

    Maintenance or re-construction of fourteen existing spring developments within the Council Mountain and Indian Mountain C&H allotments.

  • Nez Perce Tribe Research Equipment

    Permit replacement of an existing propane tank servicing a fish detection system (PIT array) with a 1,000-gallon tank in an existing hardened area to ensure fuel supply through winter months.

  • Payette Lake Trail - East Side

    Construct approximately 0.7 miles of single-track, non-motorized trail across NFS lands, connecting the Fall Cr Loop trail (#107) to a trail on Idaho endowment lands.

  • Railroad Saddle Project

    Project aims to move vegetation and soil/water/riparian/aquatic resources towards desired conditions in the forest plan, as well as provide forest timber products.

  • Rapid River Travel Management

    We propose this project to review the designated use of sections of National Forest System trails 177, 183, 184, 187, 188, and 362 within and immediately adjacent to the Rapid River Wild River corridor and to update the forest's MVUM accordingly.

  • South Fork - Main Salmon Private Land Access

    The Forest proposes to issue special use permits or long term easements for motorized access to private property owners near the confluence of the Main Salmon-South Fork Salmon Rivers with reciprocal easements to the USFS for public access.

  • St. Helens Mine Plan of Operations

    Respond to a 10-yr plan to mine 37,000 CY of ultrapotassic rock from 5 acres of unpatented mining claims on NFS lands and determine need for any reasonable changes or additions to meet requirements of 36 CFR 228A, prior to approval.

  • Stibnite Gold Project EIS

    The Forest is processing a plan of operations for open pit mining, processing, new road construction, utility upgrades, reclamation, and restoration at the Stibnite mine site.

Analysis Completed

  • Bear Basin Area Trails

    Designate approximately 5.6 miles of currently unauthorized routes in the Bear Basin area as non-motorized NFS trails and rehabilitate between 3 and 8 miles of unauthorized routes to improve the recreation experience and watershed conditions.

  • Huckleberry Landscape Restoration Project

    This is the forth project within the Payette National Forest's Weiser River - Little Salmon Headwaters Project area and part of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program. The Project area is approx. 67,000 acres on the Council RD.

  • Mesa Fire Hazard Tree Abatement

    The Mesa Fire burned 16560 acres of NFS lands along 53 miles of open FS roads. Danger trees will be felled to reduce risk to the public. These trees may be utilized as timber products where feasible and management direction allows.

  • Middle Fork Weiser River Landscape Restoration Project

    This project is approximately 50,000 acres and is in the Weiser-Little Salmon Headwaters Collaborative Forest Restoration Project area. Opportunities for forest and watershed restoration will be assessed.

  • New Meadows Ranger District Campgrounds Deferred Maintenance

    Complete deferred maintenance tasks on constructed features at the Cold Springs, Grouse, Hazard Lake and Last Chance campgrounds. Constructed features include picnic tables, fire rings, site marker posts, fee tubes, signs, vault toilets, and kiosks.

  • South Fork Restoration and Access Management Plan

    This project will address both restoration and public & private access needs to determine the minimum road system, improve watershed condition, provide ATV and motorcycle trail opportunities, and provide dispersed camping and parking opportunities.

On Hold

  • Aquatic Organism Passage Management Project

    The New Meadows District on the Payette National Forest proposes to replace 13 road-stream crossings that have been identified in the Lost Creek and Upper West Fork Weiser River subwatersheds.

  • Lost Ant Recreation Management Project

    We propose this project to enhance recreation opportunities in the Boulder Creek watershed and in the vicinity of Lost Valley Reservoir with an emphasis on improving current trails and trailhead parking and developing new trail opportunities.


  • Buckhorn Slope and Trail Stabilization

    Stabilize eroding slopes & trail tread adjacent to Buckhorn Creek that were impacted by the 2010 flood that continues to destabilize sections of old F R404 / Trail #096 and adjacent slopes. 5/9: project cancelled, will focus on trail maintenance only

  • Commercial Firewood Project

    The proposal would harvest approximately 47 acres of trees in the Upper Elkhorn Creek drainage, 52 acres in the Upper Payette river drainage (Cloochman Saddle Area), and 78 acres in the Lake Creek drainage (Nethker Area) of dead trees.

  • Forrey Water Diversion

    Authorization to install, use & maintain a diversion from Fritser Creek & 1,300 /- feet of gravity-fed piping to convey water under an existing State water right for domestic use, irrigation & stockwatering on private lands.

  • Granite Meadows

    This is the fifth project within the forest's Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program. The project includes vegetation, watershed, transportation, and recreation management activities.

  • Morgan Ridge Exploratory Drilling Plan of Operations.

    A Plan of Operations is being considered to conduct exploratory drilling for locatable minerals from four drill pads, including six 1500-ft core holes and the use/repair of 3.1 miles of existing routes as temporary road for motorized vehicle access.

  • Silver Run Bulk Sampling Project

    The proposed action would conduct bulk sampling of a silver deposit in order to evaluate feasibility of long term mining.

  • Surdam On/Off Range Allotment Management Planning

    The purpose of this analysis will determine whether grazing cattle is an acceptable use on this allotment and if so authorize cattle grazing on the allotment.

  • Wildlife Conservation Strategy (Forest Plan Amendment) [101]

    Short- and long-term management strategies and priorities for maintaining and restoring habitats associated with terrestrial wildlife species.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.