Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Forest Service has established a national database for ease in accessing each Forest's Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions. Follow the link to access the main database and from there select the Payette National Forest. Links to both a PDF file and an HTML version are available.

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Payette National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Big Bar to Cuprum Underground Distribution Line Replacement Project

The Forest Service is responding to a request for an amendment to the Idaho Power Company(IPC) permits to replace and abandon underground power line from Big Bar, in Hells Canyon on the Snake River, to Silver King Mine near Cuprum Idaho.

Heath Dukes C & H Allotment Range Improvements Maintenance

The purpose of this project is to repair, rebuild and improve five spring developments and two ponds on the Heath Dukes C&H Allotment. It will provide clean, reliable water for livestock which will improve livestock distribution and riparian habitat.

Huckleberry Landscape Restoration Project

This is the third project within the Payette National Forest's Weiser River - Little Salmon Headwaters Project area and part of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program.

Lick Creek C & H Allotment Range Improvements Maintenance

The purpose of this project is to repair, rebuild and improve eleven ponds on the Lick Creek C&H Allotment. This project will provide clean, reliable water for livestock which will improve livestock distribution and riparian habitat.

Seid Cow Camp

The Forest Service is responding to a request for the issuance of a new special use permit to Seid Ranches LLC for use of the Seid Cow Camp grazing facility located at the end of Forest Service road 095on the Weiser District of the Payette NF.

South Fork Restoration and Access Management Plan

This project will address both restoration and public and private access needs to determine the minimum road system, improve watershed condition, provide ATV and motorcycle trail opportunities, and provide dispersed camping and parking opportunities.

Stibnite Gold Plan of Operations EIS

The Forest is processing a plan of operations for open pit mining, processing, new road construction, utility upgrades, reclamation, and restoration at the Stibnite mine site.

Weasel Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project

Treat 24,000 acres within the project area with noncommercial thinning and prescribed fire to move vegetation toward conditions that more closely represent historic distribution, structure, and function, thereby improving wildlife forage and habitat.

Wildlife Conservation Strategy (Forest Plan Amendment) [101]

Short- and long-term management strategies and priorities for maintaining and restoring habitats associated with terrestrial wildlife species.

Analysis Completed

Big Creek Restoration and Access Management Project

The Proposed Action would implement a range of restoration activities, including route decommissioning/rehabilitation, route designation and improvements, stream crossing improvement, educational improvements, and a Forest Plan Amendment.

Golden Duck Plan of Operations

This is a locatable minerals project to conduct exploration for gold on a mining claim by further excavating an existing pit. The total disturbed area is about 1/2 acre and is accessed by an existing temporary road. Processing is done off site.

Golden Meadows Exploration Project

The proposed action would conduct exploration drilling in 24 drill areas within NFS land. Roughly 128 drill pads would be used to conduct drilling activities. Associated activities include access road construction and authorization and rock source.

Lost Cr/Boulder Cr Landscape Restoration Project

Move forest vegetation, fuels / fire conditions toward historical range of variability to reduce wildland fire risk, improve wildlife habitat / watershed conditions, meet Forest Plan direction, by mechanical thinning / harvest and prescribed burning.

Midas Gold Geophysical investigation

This project considers the impacts of a short term plan of operations for 62 proposed geophysical investigation sites (e.g. drilling pads) for exploration and geotechnical holes in the Stibnite mine area to inform the development of the Stibnite Mine

Middle Fork Weiser River Landscape Restoration Project

This project is approximately 50,000 acres and is in the Weiser-Little Salmon Headwaters Collaborative Forest Restoration Project area. Opportunities for forest and watershed restoration will be assessed.

Mill Creek - Council Mountain [24]

The project area is approximately 50,000 acres. Vegetation treatments include mechanical, hand, and prescribed burning. Watershed improvements include existing road improvement and road decommissioning. Recreational improvements are also included.

Phillips-Larrea Water System Special Use Authorization Reissuance

The Forest Service is considering issuing a new special use authorization for a 20 year term to replace the expiring special use authorization for the Phillips-Larrea domestic water system, including buried pipe, tanks and valve box.

On Hold

Morgan Ridge Exploratory Drilling Plan of Operations

A Plan of Operations is being considered to conduct exploratory drilling for locatable minerals from four drill pads, including six 1500-ft core holes and the use/repair of 3.1 miles of existing routes as temporary road for motorized vehicle access.

Rapid River Trails

Change trail use designation in and crossing Rapid R Wild River Corridor to non-motorized / -mechanized; investigate joining trails designated 2-wheel motorized to the W and E of the Corridor; and 2-wheel motorized access to Lick Cr Lookout.


Buckhorn Slope and Trail Stabilization

Stabilize eroding slopes & trail tread adjacent to Buckhorn Creek that were impacted by the 2010 flood that continues to destabilize sections of old F R404 / Trail #096 and adjacent slopes. 5/9: project cancelled, will focus on trail maintenance only

Commercial Firewood Project

The proposal would harvest approximately 47 acres of trees in the Upper Elkhorn Creek drainage, 52 acres in the Upper Payette river drainage (Cloochman Saddle Area), and 78 acres in the Lake Creek drainage (Nethker Area) of dead trees.

Silver Run Bulk Sampling Project

The proposed action would conduct bulk sampling of a silver deposit in order to evaluate feasibility of long term mining.

Surdam On/Off Range Allotment Management Planning

The purpose of this analysis will determine whether grazing cattle is an acceptable use on this allotment and if so authorize cattle grazing on the allotment.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.