State Forest Action Plans

Every ten years, each state and the District of Columbia create plans that provide a snapshot of current forest conditions and outline priorities and strategies.

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Charles River Esplanade. Courtesy photo by Matt Heraifman, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.


Wildfire and prescribed fire in the Eastern Region

Delaware Forest Service personnel conduct a prescribed burn

Uncontrolled and unwanted fires in the Northeast and Midwest have long posed a threat not only to the forest itself, but also to the lives and communities on the wildland urban interface. On the other hand, prescribed fire plays an important role in maintaining and restoring the health and vitality of fire-dependent and fire-adapted ecosystems, as well as lessening the impact of wildfire.

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Forecasting air quality during prescribed fire

Prescribed burn Long Ridge Southeast Project Wayne National Forest

It’s already been a successful year for prescribed burns in the USDA Forest Service’s Eastern Region, where staff maximize the ecological benefits of fire for healthy forests while minimizing the impacts to air quality in nearby communities.

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