Forest Service Eastern Region

Comprising 20 states and 40% of the U.S. Population, Eastern Region forests and grasslands have big impacts.

About the Eastern Region

Photo: Foote Pond on the Huron-Manistee National Forests. USDA Forest Service Photo.


Tax incentive for homeowners with new, cleaner-burning wood heaters

machine processes firewood

Summer’s hot and humid days will soon turn to the cold, damp days of winter. If you rely on wood heat, or you’re interested in trying it, now is a great time to install a high-efficiency wood or pellet heater. A new, environmentally friendly model will keep you warm while producing lower emissions — and it may be eligible for a valuable tax credit.

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Landscape Scale Restoration grant aids Minnesota’s at-risk forested resorts

Gold tamaracks Superior National Forest Minnesota

Facing a rapid decline in Minnesota family-owned forested resorts, a USDA Forest Service grant matched by the state of Minnesota is supporting a project that reduces the risk of forest conversion to other land uses while providing direct benefits to struggling family resort owners.

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