USDA Forest Service Eastern Region

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Applications are open until September 29, 2023 for permanent fire positions in the Eastern Region.


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  • Notice of Funding Opportunity: Inflation Reduction Act Forest Landowner Support

    The Inflation Reduction Act Forest Landowner Support programming provides financial assistance grants for projects that support underserved and small-acreage forest landowner participation in emerging private markets for climate mitigation and forest resilience.

    The Inflation Reduction Act includes some two dozen tax provisions that will save families money on their energy bills and accelerate the deployment of clean energy, clean vehicles, clean buildings, and clean manufacturing. The Act also provides billions of dollars for clean energy and climate action. The Act advances the Justice40 Initiative, which commits to delivering 40 percent of the overall benefits of climate, clean energy, and related federal investments to communities that are marginalized, overburdened by pollution, and underserved by infrastructure and other basic services.

  • Endlessly Wild & Wonderful

    2023 Capitol Christmas Tree - Monongahela National Forest

    Monongahela National Forest will provide the 2023 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree and thousands of ornaments made by the people of West Virginia.


Emerald Ash Borer Network hosts webinars

emerald ash borer

Ever since the emerald ash borer first made its appearance in Detroit, Michigan, the Emerald Ash Borer Network has worked to provide information about this invasive forest pest. One of their resources is hosting the EAB University, where experts share their knowledge and research about EAB and other topics related to forest pests, diseases and management.

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Greener Detroit on the horizon

Forest Service employees and assistant stand with Under Secretary Wilkes

Thanks to a collaborative reforestation project supported by the USDA Forest Service, the re-greening of “Motor City” might one day leave other Midwest Rust Belt communities green with envy

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