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Ozaukee Washington Land Trust Plants Forest of Hope in Southeastern Wisconsin

Tree Planting During a Pandemic Series, Part 2: When the spring planting season was interrupted by COVID-19, the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust — a driving force in conservation and a USDA Forest Service partner — persevered in their project to plant a Forest of Hope that will help protect water quality in the region.

Planting Riparian Forest Buffers in the Chesapeake in the Time of COVID-19

Tree Planting During a Pandemic Series, Part 1: The Chesapeake Bay Program has long recognized the value of expanding riparian forest buffers to improve water quality in local waterways. This year, however, the planting season coincided with the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, with proper planning and a little creativity, Chesapeake Bay Program partners have found innovative ways to plant trees while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

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