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Range Program

Rangelands form a major component of ecosystems within the Boise National Forest. Vegative communities represented include: grasslands, woodlands, riparian ecosystems and open canopied forests.

 Check out the newest video that features the 5th grade field trip to #BoiseNF- Sagehen Reservoir featured on: Life on the Range.

An educational project that showcases stories about the ever-changing landscape of ranching, multiple-use management, entrepreneurial spirit, family and stewardship on Idaho’s rangelands.



Top Ten Tips for the Trail Brochure



Boise National Forest Range Allotments - (AOIs)


Trinity Ridge Fire - by Mike McMillan


Fire Program

The Boise National Forest  has a large and diverse fire program.  With a variety of fuel types and well-established historical fire patterns, the Boise has proven to be a challenging environment to manage.


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Wildlife Program

The mission of the Wildlife Program is to conserve and restore diverse, healthy and sustainable terrestrial habitats for the variety of resident and migratory species that use the Forest through ecosystem management.

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Joint Fire Science Board Visits -Sucessful treatment near Lester Creek


Timber Program

Boise National Forest Timber Sales


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Recreation Program

Boise National Forest recreation information.



Timber Sales

Accelerated Restoration


Timber sales, ads and bids.

Range Program - Grazing Management - List of Allotments

Range - Cows

Rangelands form a major component of ecosystems in the Boise National Forest.  Vegetative communities represented include: grasslands, shrub-lands, woodlands, riparian ecosystems, and open canopied forests.  Forest rangelands are managed with the goal of providing healthy ecosystems and sustainable resource uses.  Well-managed rangelands provide wildlife habitat, livestock forage, stable watersheds, and recreational opportunities.

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