Resource Management

The Hoosier National Forest actively manages the resources on the Forest - from the soil to the timber and plants that grow in that soil to the caves and karst systems underground. The Hoosier National Forest works collaborativly with state agencies, private landowers and businesses, and non-profit partners to apply the best science and methodolgies to ensure the health and productivity of the forest and its surrounding communities.  

See our Forest Projects page for information on current or proposed management projects.

Timber Sales

Timber harvest and vegetative management are used to perpetuate and enhance biological diversity. A sustainable yield of high-quality hardwood products is also a priority in some areas of the Forest. Management is a balance of uneven-aged and even-aged systems. Our Forest Plan, allows a sale quantity of an average of 5.77 million board feet per year.

See our Timber Sales page for active and recent contracts. 


Hoosier National Forest Fire Program

Two fire personnel monitor a trailhead entrance near the Wolftrac RX burn in 2018.

The Hoosier National Forest Fire Program manages both prescribed fire operations and wildfire response and readiness. We work closely with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Volunteer Fire Departments to control wildfires and work with the National Weather Service to plan our prescribed burns during optimum times to minimize the impacts of smoke.

Wildlife on the Hoosier National Forest

A frog sits among the leaves of a vernal pool.

Our wildlife program protects and restores native habitats important for biodiversity, and manages habitats in a manner that meets public demand for hunting and wildlife viewing. Although the state of Indiana manages the wildlife populations, the Hoosier manages the habitat on national forest land to provide optimum cover and food for the many species of birds, animals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles that call the Hoosier home. 



Non-native Invasive Plants

Three green leaves of a garlic mustard plant poke from a rocky hillside.

Non-native invasive plants and insects occur throughout the Hoosier National Forest. These species are monitored and managed according to their threat towards forest resources. 

Reporting Wells

A stone well holds water level to the forest floor.

Old home sites exist across many parts of the Hoosier National Forest in Indiana. Please report any open wells you may find on National Forest lands.