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Photo of the North Fork of the John Day River
Photo of a large boulder
[graphic] Old Wagon Wheel

Timber Sales


Craft DxD Timber Sale

The Craft DxD Sale is located within T20SR33ESec 33,T21SR32 1/2ESec 2,3,9,10,11,14,15,16,17,22,23.The Forest Service will receive sealed bids in public at Malheur National Forest, Supervisor's Office at 10:00 AM local time on 02/26/2020.

11.6.19 16 Road DTM Sale

Prairie City Ranger District; The 16 Road DTM Sale, 261 ccf, advertised rate of $4.80/ccf was sold to the apparent high bidder- Nolan Giesbrecht at $24.10/ccf. There were a total of 4 bidders on this sale.