Resource Management

Natural resource management refers to the management of natural resources such as land, water, soil, minerals, trees, plants, fish, and animals. The principle focus is on how management affects the quality of life for humans, wildlife, and ecosystems for present and future generations. Natural resource management corresponds with the concept of sustainable development, which is to say that efforts are made to provide recreation and resources from public lands for the present while conserving and preserving natural resources for the future.

Listed below are some of the resources that are managed on the National Forests and the methods of collecting information for managing them. 


Protecting the Ponderosa Community

Protecting the Ponderosa Community Printable Version Nestled in the Sequoia National Forest, the citizens of Ponderosa breathe easier knowing that their community and the surrounding Giant Sequoia National Monument are being protected by cooperative efforts of the Ecosystems and Fire Management programs of the Western Divide Ranger District