Resource Management

Non-native Invasive Species


The goal of the USDA Forest Service invasive species program is to reduce, minimize, or eliminate the potential for introduction, establishment, spread, and impact of invasive species across all landscapes and more

Hemlock branch infested with Hemlock woody adelgid (Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Archive photo)

Fire Management

The White Mountain National Forest fire program focuses on forest protection and management.  Fire is one of the many tools used to maintain wildlife habitat diversity, create ideal growing conditions for certain more

Prescribed fire used as a management tool

Prescribed fire used as a management tool.  Photo taken by Terry Miller.


White Mountain Forest Management Story Map

A screenshot the shows the way that recreation, water, natural resources, and research are managed.

This interactive Story Map designed to give the public new ways to learn about Forest Management on the National Forest.  This digital application allows you to zoom to an area of interest and click to dig deeper into topics of choice on how the White Mountain National Forest is managed.  Photos, maps and the whim of the reader work together to give a you personalized tour of the forest.

Bird Survey - Over Two Decades of Monitoring

Annual bird surveys are an important tool in wildlife management.

Each spring for over 2 decades, the White Mountain National Forest has been conducting annual bird surveys as a part of the wildlife monitoring program.

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Emerald Ash Borer - Helpful Links

Emerald Ash Borer

Become familiar with this unwelcome insect found in central NH.

White-Nose Syndrome

Image of bat with white nose syndrome.

Bat populations have been declining in the U.S. during the past few decades due to disturbances by people, carelessly used pesticides, and people collecting bats. 


Best Management Practices: Watershed Monitoring

Forest employees work together during the summer water monitoring program.

Visible summer projects on a national forest often includes new coats of paint, hiking trails improvements, and campgrounds to capacity.  However, behind-the-scene ....