Welcome to San Bernardino National Forest

San Bernardino National Forest

From the arid deserts to the tallest alpine mountains in Southern California, our forest is recognized as a top destination for people escaping the urban grind for a peaceful retreat in nature.

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Fires are no longer permitted at unhosted recreation sites, shooting is restricted and smoking is not allowed. Please check our Current Fire Restrictions for the official forest order, which lists our exempt recreation sites.


  • Fire Restrictions

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    The Fire Danger Rating is Very High

  • Road Closures

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    Please make sure the forest roads you're planning on exploring are indeed open before you go on your next adventure.

  • Outdoor Safety

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    The beauty and peacefulness of the forest may make you feel carefree, but you must remain vigilant for potentially dangerous situations.

  • 4th of July FAQs

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    Can we bring fireworks? Fireworks of any kind are not allowed on National Forest lands. Not even those considered “safe and sane.” And, yes, that even means bringing and using a sparkler at a campground is prohibited. The fire risk is just too real.