hiker along Camp Creek Trail

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PCT blasted open in the San Jacinto Mountains

The ACE crew poses on the completed section of trail.

In June 2021 multiple boulders blocking a section of the PCT in the San Jacinto Ranger District were removed using explosives. The successful clearing of the trail was made possible by the collaborative efforts of members of the Forest Service, Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA), American Conservation Experience (ACE), and the Backcountry Horseman of California.

Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Gets a Jump Start in Survival

Adult mountain yellow-legged frog sitting on wet green vegetation

In 2016 the San Bernardino National Forest hosted the active release of hundreds of mountain yellow-legged frogs in two locations in the San Bernardino and San Jacinto mountains. As part of an aggressive recovery effort for this once near extinct species, several agencies are working together to preserve natural and historic habitat and give the frogs a little boost in population recovery.

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Every Kid Outdoors Program and Pass

We are proud to help launch the Every Kid in a Park program, as part of President Obama’s commitment to ensure that every American has the opportunity to visit and enjoy public lands.

Managing Wildfires

Successfully managing wildfires is a year-round job that requires action before they start, while they are burning, and after they are out.


Ecological Restoration: Pacific Southwest Region - An All Lands Approach

Ecological Restoration's goal is to retain and restore ecological resilience of the National Forest to achieve sustainable ecosystems.

Digital Forest Maps for Mobile Devices

The U.S. Forest Service offers access to a variety of visitor maps for people using Android and iOS devices.

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