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Welcome to White Mountain National ForestThe White Mountain National Forest in eastern New Hampshire and western Maine ranges from mountainous hardwood forests to majestic alpine peaks. Come experience the breathtaking scenery, clear mountain lakes and streams, wildlife, and outdoor recreation opportunities year round.

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Be Bear Aware

A bear reaches for a well hung bear bag. Text reads This is Bear Country.

Although normally shy and afraid of humans, black bears can enter into more visited areas of the forest more readily as they become accustomed to even the smallest remnant of food. Learn about how following safe food storage practices can help protect both visitors to the forest and these special forest residents. 

Summer Safety Tips

A low falls area on the forest full of people swimming and lounging on the rocks.

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy your National Forest.  Whether you are thinking about hiking, camping, or taking a scenic drive forest officials encourage you to plan ahead. We want visitors to enjoy their visit to the National Forest, and planning ahead will help ensure everyone gets home safely.

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Drone Use Policy

An image of a drone with a camera floating above a forest.

Recreational use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) is allowed  as long as the landing of the drone does not occur in certain protected areas. Find out where and how you can help.

Dolly Copp Construction Updates

Dolly Copp Campground Closed Area

 Dolly Copp Campground in Gorham, NH is undergoing a multi-year renovation project. Follow along our construction updates as we improve the Dolly Copp campground for 2019.


Proposed Removal of Mt. Langdon Shelter

A timber framed shelter amid a thicket of trees

The WMNF is seeking public input on the proposed dismantling and removal of the historic Mt. Langdon hiking shelter.  Find out more here. 

Russell Pond Campground Schedule

Over 40 people enjoy an outdoor program on stone tools and spear throwing.

The amphitheater of Russell Pond Campground plays hosts to many great events throughout the summer. Discover your next outing. 

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An image of a drone with a camera floating above a forest.

Drone Use Policy

A bear reaches for a well hung bear bag. Text reads This is Bear Country.

Be Bear Aware