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Research Data Archive

This archive preserves and publishes short and long-term research data collected from studies funded by:

  • Forest Service Research and Development (FS R&D)
  • Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP)
  • Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute (ALWRI)

Of special interest, our collection includes data from a number of Forest Service Experimental Forests and Ranges.

Each archived data set (i.e., “data product”) contains at least one data set, complete metadata for the data set(s), and any other documentation the researcher deemed important to understanding the data set(s). The data catalog entries present the metadata and a link to the data. In some cases the data link is to a different archive.

We encourage you to use our data products! We just ask that you acknowledge the work of our researchers by using the citation provided with each data product. An example and more information are available in Data Use Information.

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Deer standing in foliage, with trees in the background, on the White River National Forest near Trappers Lake, CO High resolution interpolation of climate scenario change factors for the conterminous USA derived from AR4 General Circulation Model simulations

Projections of future global climate have been developed by numerous climate modeling groups; however, this data is often at spatial scales much larger than the spatial scale of resource management. This study develops a set of change factors that can be used with a user-selected historical climate data set to create climate change projections at the spatial scale of approximately 9.25 kilometer grid. Change factors are available for these climate variables: monthly mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed, and vapor pressure (used to calculate specific humidity).Data for the United States and Canada were extracted. Data for the conterminous United States are contained in this data product. Alaska data are available as another data product.

This research was a collaborative effort between scientists at the Canadian Forest Service and scientists at the USDA Forest Service.