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1. Aboveground biomass in primary and second-growth forests in Hawai‘i

Hughes, Richard F.; Grossman, Dennis H.; Sowards, Travis G.; Marshall, Jonathan D.; Mueller-Dombois, Dieter

2. Public Water Systems and populations receiving surface drinking water supply from National Forest System lands

Liu, Ning; Dobbs, G. Rebecca; Caldwell, Peter V.; Miniat, Chelcy Ford; Sun, Ge; Duan, Kai; Nelson, Stacy A. C.; Bolstad, Paul V.; Carlson, Christopher P.

3. Black locust biomass, growth and nitrogen fixation in southern Appalachian forests

Wurzburger, Nina; Motes, Jessie I.; Miniat, Chelcy Ford; Boring, Lindsay R.; Elliott, Katherine J.

4. Steamboat Creek and tributaries instantaneous streamflow measurements Data publication contains GIS data

Gray, Debra S.; Blanchard, Joseph H.

5. Nebraska windbreaks original plantings (1935-1942) Data publication contains GIS data

Carman, Richard; Kellerman, Todd A.

6. Investigating the persistence of a disjunct population of Alaska yellow-cedar in a historically frequent-fire landscape Data publication contains GIS data

Downing, William M.; Krawchuk, Meg A.; Johnston, James D.; Merschel, Andrew G.; Rausch, Joseph H.; Miller, Carol

7. Cover and density data of southwestern ponderosa pine understory plants in permanent chart quadrats (2002-2020+) Data publication contains GIS data

Moore, Margaret M.; Jenness, Jeffrey S.; Laughlin, Daniel C.; Strahan, Robert T.; Bakker, Jonathan D.; Dowling, Helen E.; Springer, Judith D.

8. Large wildfire Incident Status Summary (ICS-209) report-generated data for the western United States, 2002-2016

Young, Jesse D.; Evans, Alexander M.; Iniguez, Jose M.; Thode, Andrea; Meyer, Marc D.; Hedwall, Shaula J.; McCaffrey, Sarah M.; Shin, Patrick; Huang, Ching-Hsun

9. Raccoon use-availability and oral rabies vaccination (ORV) bait data from the Burlington, Vermont ORV zone Data publication contains GIS data

McClure, Katherine M.; Bastille-Rousseau, Guillaume; Davis, Amy J.; Stengel, Carolyn A.; Nelson, Kathleen M.; Chipman, Richard B.; Wittemyer, George; Abdo, Zaid; Gilbert, Amy T.; Pepin, Kim M.

10. Precommercial thinning direct-seeded longleaf pine data on a poor site Data publication contains GIS data

Leduc, Daniel J.; Lohrey, Richard E.