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Illustration of a bull trout by J. Tomelleri

Twenty different species of fish live in the lakes on the Colville National Forest. Many of them are the result of natural reproduction within these aquatic ecosystems. Others come to their lake homes each year a little less naturally: from fish hatcheries. Regardless of how they arrived, these fish are wonderful and valuable natural resources. Fish are a vital part of the lake ecosystems where they play a key role in the food chain as both predators and as prey.

The cold water lakes of the Colville National Forest are home to a variety oftrout species. Depending upon the size and quality of their lake habitats,German brown, rainbow, westslope cutthroat, lake and eastern brook trout andkokanee (landlocked sockeye salmon) find suitable habitats within many of these lakes to live and reproduce at varying degrees of success.

Lake Fishing Brochure (PDF 227.24 KB)

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