OHV Riding & Camping

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Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) are permitted on many roads and trails on the Colville National Forest.  Click on the links above and visit the Motor Vehicle Use webpage for more information.  Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) show National Forest System roads, trails, and areas that are designated as open to motor vehicle travel.  These roads, trails and areas are designated by type of motor vehicle allowed and the allowable season of use.  

OHV use is not permitted at most developed campgrounds across the Forest.  Contact the site host or information board at the campground for more information.  In some cases motor vehicle use is permitted up to 300’ from the centerline of designated routes to access dispersed (undeveloped) camping sites on the Forest. This allowance is for dispersed camping only and is not available on every road. Check your MVUM carefully before setting out.

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