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Camping opportunities are abundant on the Manti-La Sal Forest.  You can choose to camp in one of the 32 designated campgrounds and 7 rental cabins on the forest with assorted amenities. If primitive camping is what you desire, you can find those opportunities as well with limited to no constructed facilities. 


Camping and Travel Rules

Reservations for Forest Service camp sites and cabins are made online through Recreation.Gov. You can also find detailed information about the properties and booking availability on the site. logo


You can also make reservations by calling:

Reservation Line (Toll-free) 877-444-6777
Reservation Line (International) 606-833-6777
Reservation Line (TDD) 877-833-6777


General Camping Information

Reservations: Most family and group campgrounds can be reserved by calling 877-444-6777 or going on line at A portion of each family campground is open on a first-come, first-serve basis. Most campsites have a table, a fireplace, fire ring or cooking stove/grill. No garbage service, showers or electrical hookups are available at these campgrounds. Group camps are available for use and can be reserved online or first-come, first-serve. All picnic areas are available only on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Length of Stay: Forest camping is limited to fourteen days per year within each family campground. Check the local Ranger District to inquire about camping regulations and current fire restrictions.

Season: The main camping season in the Manti-La Sal National Forest is during the summer months between Memorial Day through Labor Day. Although the campgrounds remain open for public use after the regular season, water systems start shutting down as the weather turns to prevent freeze damage.  

Garbage and Sanitation: Garbage service is not available, so please pack it in, pack it out! Leave a clean camp!

Pets: Pets are allowed in developed sites, but must be on a 6' leash. Please be considerate for your pet's safety as well as the enjoyment and safety of other forest visitors. 

Campfire Restrictions:  In periods of high fire danger, fire restrictions may be in effect. Check on current fire conditions with a Ranger Station before your outing. For a safer and more enjoyable outing, carefully follow the regulations and safety guidelines posted in your campground.

Firearms: You may bring firearms into developed camps and picnic grounds; however, you may not discharge them near any developed sites or areas of public recreation use within 150 yards.  

Fireworks:  It is illegal to discharge or ignite any type of firecracker, rocket or other firework or explosive on all public lands. 


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