Scenic Driving

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Scenic driving opportunities on the Santa Fe National Forest are almost limitless. The diverse habitats available on the forest make this a unique place to view many different life zones in a short period of time. A person can drive from the desert environment to the alpine environment in half a day, viewing all zones in between.

The Santa Fe National Forest has two Scenic Byways, the Santa Fe National Forest Scenic Byway, and the Jemez Mountain Trail Scenic Byway. These byways offer unique scenic driving experiences for northern New Mexico.

Stories on the La Bajada

Rugged landscapes often look forbidding to the traveler but beckon the reader anxious for a story on how tough that routine commute was decades or centuries ago!  The La Bajada scarp south of Santa Fe and north of Albuquerque is a jagged, black line of volcanic rock transecting Interstate 25.  It was a formidable obstacle in the past from the 16th through early 20th centuries. The Stories on La Bajada takes you on a virtual tour of the hardships and history of the many transportations routes up (and down) these bumpy roads! Learn more about La Bajada Historic Trails and Roads.

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