Nature Viewing

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Nature viewing in the Superior National Forest is source of inspiration whether you are a photographer, artist, naturalist, or just seek to find yourself in nature. The land is one of contrasts. Blue lakes, dark green pines, colorful maples, and bare rock complement each other in a varied landscape inhabited by a full complement of wildlife. You may see one of the 'big three': a moose, a wolf, or a black bear. Or, you may focus on finding some of the 318 species of birds that have been recorded on the Superior National Forest. For more information on birding, visit our birding page.  As the seasons progress, you will be treated to different images of the Forest. The deep greens and blues of summer days change to a spectacular red and gold fall. Fall is followed by the hushed white of winter, broken by the sound of running water and the smell of wet earth in the spring. 

Whatever season you choose to visit, and whatever aspect of nature you turn to for inspiration,  you'll be able to find it here.  For some tips on viewing and just few of the infinite possible viewing spots, click on the headings above.

  • Know Before You Go

    Get the most out of your visit by being prepared. Remember you are responsible for your own safety.