Water Activities

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Plan Ahead, many sites are filled to capacity by 10am on weekends.  Be prepared for increased traffic on highways near lakes and rivers.  

  • All traffic pattern on the Tonto National Forest Reservoirs is counter-clockwise,
    • your right shoulder should be near the closest shore.
  • Sailboats, canoes, and rowboats have the right-of-way over motorized boats.
  • Many coves are “No Wake” areas, please recognize and obey all buoys.
  • Motorized boats are NOT ALLOWED on the flowing portions of the rivers.
  • Watch for rapids, submerged rocks and ‘strainers’ in the flowing portions of the rivers.
  • NO GLASS containers are allowed on any Tonto National Forest reservoirs.
  • Powerboat races are not allowed on any of the Tonto National Forest Reservoirs.
  • Parasailing is allowed ONLY at Roosevelt Lake (some restrictions).
  • Be weather wise:
    • choppy waters can suddenly appear, as can lightning. 
    • Following thunderstorms in the summer and snowmelt runoff in the spring, a considerable rise in water levels can occur.
  • Alcohol and boats are a deadly combination,
    • DUI laws apply to waterways as well as to roads.

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities