Public Notices

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Rules and Regulations

As a visitor to the National Forests, you are asked to follow certain rules designed to protect the Forests and the natural environment, to ensure the health and safety of visitors, and to promote a pleasant and rewarding outdoor recreation experience for all visitors.  Follow the link listed above for more information.

Local Emergency Information

All travel and recreation activities pose a certain degree of risk to the participants. Orienting yourself to local emergency facilities before you travel can help prevent confusion and save precious time in the event of an accident or medical emergency.

Safety First

Please be aware of these alerts and notices because many unexpected situations can present difficult challenges for forest visitors.

Safety First

Be well informed and prepared for your next visit to the forest.

Before venturing out, contact the nearest Forest Service office for recent information on alerts, advisories, notices and closures.

To report an emergency, please call 911.




Local Road Conditions

El Dorado County has a website that contains the road closures and cautions throughout the County for the public to keep track and check before venturing from their homes.