Alerts & Notices

For the latest information about fire activity on the forest, visit the Coeur d'Alene Interagency Dispatch Center web site.



  • Saddle Creek Road FSR#2455 Bonners Road Closure Order No.01-04-07-18-005
  • Kalispell Island-Three Pines CG Closure Priest Lake RD No. 01-04-08-18-03
  • Kit Price Campground Closure No. 01-04-01-18-002
  • FSR #806 Coeur d'Alene River RD No. 01-04-18-001
  • Kootenai Ridge Road FSR #2190 Bonners Ferry #18-004
  • Snow Creek Road FSR #402 Bonners Ferry #18-003
  • Placer Creek FSR #2541 Bonners Ferry #18-001
  • Prohibitions in Recommended Wilderness Areas and Research Natural Areas

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Road Conditions

Road Conditions will be updated every Friday. We recommend to check road updates and or contact your local Forest Service Office before venturing into the woods.

Current Conditions

Don't let a surprise storm catch you unaware! Check the weather before you leave for your favorite spot.

Key Contacts

IPNF Public Affairs Officer
Shoshana Cooper
(208) 765-7211

Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center (IPAC)


Jeff Thompson
(208) 263-6635

Kevin Davis
(208) 265-6686

Eric Morgan
(208) 265-6674

Coeur d'Alene and Silver Valley:
Melissa Hendrickson
(208) 769-3067

Kootenai Area -
Libby, MT:
Ben Bernall
(406) 295-7555