Ashley LogoAshley National Forest is located in northeastern Utah and Wyoming.

It encompasses 1,384,132 National Forest acres (1,287,909 in Utah and 96,223 in Wyoming). Of the total acres, 276,175 are High Uintas Wilderness (180,530 additional acres of High Uintas Wilderness is located on the Wasatch / Cache National Forest).

Elevations on the Ashley National Forest range from 6,000 feet to over 13,500 feet.


Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Ashley National Forest Revised Plan is Available for Public Comment

Picture of fall colored trees and waterfall with Forest Plan Revision DEIS textThe Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the revised Ashley National Forest Plan is currently available for viewing and public comment. The draft plan was released on November 19, 2021. There are 90 days for public comment. 

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Two webinars will be offered in January as noted below:

Webinar #1:  Recreation, Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers in the DEIS.   

January 19  12:30-1:30pm 

Webinar #2: Active management and grazing in the DEIS

January 25 12:30-1:30pm

Note: you can join the webinars on the dates and times shown by clicking on the names of the webinar above.

Our current plan was completed in 1986 and needs to be updated to address current ecological, economic and social conditions and trends that exist today. The DEIS and revised Ashley National Forest Plan documents reflect extensive public participation over the past 5 years through collaborative group meetings and public input. The opportunity for public review and comment of the Draft EIS is an important part of the forest plan revision process.

The Forest Service welcomes your input.  For more information about the DEIS, Forest Plan Revision efforts, and how to comment on the DEIS, please CLICK HERE.

The Ashley National Forest asks the public to please recreate responsibly. Law enforcement and/or search and rescue operations may be limited due to COVID-19 issues. High-risk activities such as rock climbing, etc. or backcountry activities that increase your chance of injury or distress should be avoided. We also encourage you to follow public health guidelines regarding social distancing while you recreate in National Forests. For more information about how the Forest Service is responding to COVID-19, visit https://www.fs.usda.gov/about-agency/covid19-updates.

Timber Sales Upcoming, Available and Past

The Ashley National Forest offers timber sales that are available for bidding and purchase.  Click on the link above to view current, previous, and future sales.


The Roosevelt/Duchesne Ranger District proposes to demolish the Indian Canyon Ranger Station and to sell the Stockmore Ranger Station.



Ashley Karst National Recreation and Geologic Area

What is the Ashley Karst National Recreation Geologic Area (NRGA)?

Photo of Ashley Gorge on the Ashley National ForestThe Ashley Karst NRGA received this special designation by Congress in March of 2019. The designation is part of the John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act.  The purposes of the designation are to, “conserve and protect the watershed, geological, recreational, wildlife, scenic, natural, cultural, and historic resources” that are located within the NRGA. 

The Ashley National Forest is preparing to develop a management plan for the Congressionally designated Ashley Karst National Recreation and Geologic Area.

A public meeting was held virtually on December 8 with presenters from the National Forest and Uintah County. Items discussed during the meeting include:

  • What was the purpose of the designation?
  • What does the designation include?
  • What are some of the unique features of the Ashley Karst NRGA?
  • How can you assist in the development of a management plan?
  • A brief period of questions and responses.

To view a recorded version of the presentation, please the Ashley National Forest Facebook page.  Alternatively, the meeting was also broadcast by Channel V6 and the recorded video can be viewed on their webpage by clicking here.   

Click on the following links to learn more:


Final Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Records of Decision for Greater Sage-grouse Conservation

Male Sage-Grouse Struting

Forest Service Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Records of Decision for Greater Sage-grouse Conservation

The Intermountain and Rocky Mountain Regions of the Forests Service incorporated standards and guidelines for the conservation of greater sage-grouse into forest plans in 2015.  After two years of implementation and monitoring, the Forest Service identified new information that could be used to improve the clarity, efficiency, and implementation of the 2015 Greater Sage-Grouse Plan Amendments, in order to benefit greater sage-grouse conservation at the landscape scale.  During the development of a draft Environmental Impact Statement, comments were requested from the public and were used to create proposed revisions to greater sage-grouse plans for forests in Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.  Most of the content of 2015 plans remained, but changes were proposed that incorporated new information and attempted to improve the efficiency of plan implementation.  The Final Environmental Impact Statement can be found here, and draft Records of Decision can be found at the links for ColoradoIdaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. The publication of the final Environmental Impact Statement on August 2nd, 2019 begins a 60-day objection period that cannot be extended.  After the objection period, which is described in the Records of Decision and in the Federal Register,  the Forest Service will attempt to resolve any remaining concerns before creating final Records of Decision.  Members of the public may examine interactive maps of habitat management areas using a web tool.

New project updates for the Duchesne Roosevelt Ranger District May 2019

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Ashley National Forest Plan Revision

1. Wild and Scenic Rivers

2.  Wilderness


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High Uintas Wilderness Area




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Travel stories audio tour of the FLAMING GORGE - UINTAS SCENIC BYWAY  (download the Travelstorys app from Google Play or the Apple Store and download the Flaming Gorge tour for the next time you travel from Vernal to Manila.  Visit  https://www.travelstorys.com/explore-tours/   to review some of their tours.

Interactive Visitor Use Map 

The interactive travel map shows the National Forest System roads, National Forest System trails, and areas on National Forest System lands that are designated for motor vehicle use.  The map is searchable by vehicle class, time of year, route number, and travel mode.  You can zoom into an area on a national forest or grassland, see the roads and trails in that area, and find out which ones are open to motor vehicles, and when.  You can see rivers, lakes, mountain peaks, campgrounds, and topographic lines.  Land ownership is shown by color.  You can also print a map of the area you wish to visit.

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