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Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants

Public Participation

Read All About Us!

The Forest Service provides a number of informative publications to introduce you to the National Forest System and its wildlife, fish and plant resources. Most of these publications are free to the public-- Simply email us! Be sure to include your name, complete mailing address and brochure names in your message. Please allow 3-6 weeks for posted delivery.

It is our intention that by the year 2000 all the brochures, produced by our staff, will be available for viewing and downloadable.


Sharing the Commitment: An introduction to partnerships for wildlife, fish, and rare plants on the national forests.

Join Us: How to get involved in a partnership for wildlife and fish management


Get Wild: An overview of the Forest Service's wildlife program.

Will We Lose Our Songbirds?: An introduction to the "Partners in Flight" program.

Full Curl: An invitation to be a partner in management of wild sheep habitat on the national forests.

Making Tracks: An explanation of partnerships in wild turkey management on the national forests.

America's Elk Country: An explanation of the Forest Service's partnership program for elk management.

Every Species Counts: The Forest Service's program for conserving biological diversity.

Eyes on Wildlife in Your National Forests: An invitation to view wildlife on the national forests.

Eyes on Wildlife (brochure): A brief explanation of the Forest Service's "Watchable Wildlife" program.

Wildlife Viewing Guides: These beautiful and informative guides are acooperative effort with Falcon Press, Defenders of Wildlife, Forest Service and several other natural resource organizations. Contact Falcon Press for information regarding content and cost. Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc., P.O. Box 1718, Helena, MT 59624 or call toll-free 1-800-582-BOOK.


Rise to the Future: An overview of the Forest Service fish program.

Bring Back the Natives: An introduction to the Forest Service's effort to restore riparian systems and their native species.

Fishing Your National Forests: An informative guide to fishing on the national forests. Map included.

Currents: Newsletter for cutting edge aquatic ecologists. Published quarterly by the Fish & Aquatic Ecology Unit.


Celebrating Wildflowers: This pamphlet explains the importance of plants and plant communities.

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Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants (WFW)
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