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National Wildlife Program
Program Leader:
Brian Logan

Wildlife Program

Wildlife Ecology program
Program Leader:
Sarah Sawyer, PhD

Wildlife Ecology program

Wildlife Research & Development
Program Leader: TBA

Wildlife & Fish Research

Wildlife Crossings Toolkit - provides information assisting professionals in maintaining or restoring habitat connectivity across transportation infrastructure on public lands.











'Wildlife' includes the National Wildlife program, the National Wildlife Ecology program, and Wildlife Research & Development.

Photograph: Green tree frog sitting on tree leaf in the sun.  Taken by Bill Supulski, USDA Forest ServiceThe national Wildlife Program assists field biologists in attaining the Chief's wildlife priorities and manage wildlife habitat resources from a healthy ecosystem perspective.

Program 'Initiatives' include "Get Wild!", "Making Tracks" and "Elk Country". See the complete listing on the left. 'Initiatives' are special topics to which we give added emphasis through projects, events, literature and funding. The intent of our varied Initiatives is to help us and our partners move forward to accomplish specific management goals for certain key issues.

The national Wildlife Program covers terrestrial animal species not considered 'threatened, endangered or sensitive' species (TES). We have a specific TES program for species with this designation.

Photo: Bill Supulski, USDA Forest Service

The Wildlife Ecology program primary function is facilitating the transfer of technology and technical information from research to field biologist. The Wildlife Ecology staff serves on technical teams addressing terrestrial watershed management issues, including TES species.


Wildlife research in the Forest Service addresses basic relationships between species and their habitats through exploration of how environmental factors and management affect their distribution and health. Research 'lives' in another branch of the Forest Service but works with the national Wildlife program and national Wildlife Ecology program.

Wildlife, Fish, Botanists Organization in the Forest Service
Wildlife/Fish/Botanists by Year
(2007; 28.9 KB PDF)


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