Rules of the Road


Rules of the Road - What you must know before you go...

Stay on Constructed Roads and Trails!

Wheeled motorized vehicles are required to stay on open constructed roads and trails. Failure to do so will result in a citation and fine! Hundreds of miles of established roads and trails are open for motorized vehicles - use them and stay on them! You will see vehicle tracks that have not stayed on constructed roads and trails - do not follow them. When In doubt about whether or not to follow some tracks, do the right thing, do not follow. Some old roads and trails have been closed for safety or resource problems - If in doubt that a road or trail is open, do not use it. Maps are available that show the open constructed roads and trails. Remember, footprints are welcome everywhere, tire prints should be left on the open roads and motorized trails only!

Obey gate closures and regulatory signs. Some sensitive areas such as meadows, wet areas, stream sides, and steep hillsides have barriers placed to protect them. Respect barriers and do not cross or go around them.

Stay off of Meadows, Steep Hillsides, Stream bands and Lakeshores!

These areas are sensitive and easily damaged from erosion caused by churning wheels and compaction. Ford streams only at constructed crossings. Open meadows are tempting - but don't go across them. Steep hills are tempting - but don't climb them. Stay on constructed roads and trails!!

Stay Away From Wild Animals!

Animals are rearing their young need space and privacy. Interfering my cause the mother to abandon their young. Motorized vehicles scare animals causing them to flee and use scarce energy reserves. View wildlife from a distance. Do not chase wildlife.

Stay Out of Designated Wilderness!

Designated Wilderness is closed to all vehicles including mountain bikes. Know where the boundaries are, respect them and don't cross them!

Pack Out Your Trash!

Littering is unsightly...and it is illegal! Please pack out your trash!

Respect Other Forest Users

Please yield to horse and foot traffic! Slow down for other users.

You are responsible and accountable for your behavior. Your continued good judgment, respect for others, and responsible use will ensure that these public roads and trails remain open for continued motorized use. On the other hand, irresponsible use causing resource damage will result in closure of roads and trails.

We want you to enjoy the motorized roads and trails on your National Forest. That's what they are here for. However we also must protect the vast natural resources in the forest. Please help us to do this by following the rules of the road, respecting wildlife and other forest users. Forest Officers frequently patrol roads and trails to ensure compliance with the rules. If you are seen not obeying the rules, the Officers will issue a citation which will require you to go to court or pay a substantial fine. Please respect and protect your National Forest by following the rules of the road!

Respect the Land and Tread Lightly!